ThriftBooks will make annual donation of 20,000 books curated by Barbershop Books.
The nation's most innovative solution for inspiring young black boys to read

Empowering Communities to Support Early Literacy

Increase out-of-school time reading with boy-approved books in local barbershops

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Digital Content to Inspire Young Readers

Our free E-library features a variety of  fun Storytime videos and independently published eBooks from Black and Brown authors.  Parents, educators, and community-based organizations across America are using our culturally relevant digital content to inspire young readers.

Community Book Distribution

Charles County Public Schools 3
Through an innovative partnership with ThirftBooks, America's largest online retailer of used books, Barbershop Books has the unique opportunity to curate and distribute 20,000 children’s books annually. If your school or community-based organization serves at least 50 children, apply to distribute free books in your area.

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